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Original 1989 B-branded skateboard bought july 4th 2015 - adapted by BIOMECHANICSINC. according to an eighties movement in skateboarding - using the very same techniques. Original 1/1 made as a personal gift. Including the skateboard, process booklet with background information and photographs, and transparent pocket including the used transparency film, original shrinkwrap stickers of the 1989 board, font-stickers used to spray the top-deck slogan 'keine schönheit ohne gefahr' (no beauty without danger). Private collection.

On friday 29th of march 2013 I painted a white shape on a wall of a room at OJC KOMPAS, driekoningenstraat 48, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, during the opening of the STUDNA art expo. I wrote one sentence in the white shape : 'deze sub-realiteit heeft niks te maken met de realiteit' - which is a sentence written by the deceased artist Peter 'Pee' Vercauteren. Pee died in a violent attack, late 2012 in Sint-Niklaas. Untill 20th of april, the duration of the STUDNA expo, I will add sentences to this one line, and make a story. The several stages will be documented on photographs. The work will obviously stay on the wall - permanent.

STAGE 1 : friday march 29, 2013.
sub-realiteit STAGE 1 : 29 march 2013

STAGE 2 : thursday april 4, 2013.

STAGE2 4 april 2013

STAGE 3 : friday 11th april, 2013.


STAGE 4 : saturday 20th april, 2013.


STAGE 5 : saturday 20th april, 2013.

STAGE 6 : sunday 21st april, 2013.


Kubus needed an addition on his griptape of one of his boards. We added something naïve yet violent. Black blood colored marker on black griptape. Done july 28th 2012, Berlin, Gleimstrasse, Prenzlauer Berg.

griptape madness

BIOMECHANICS INC. 'art is overrated' sticker

Posted on 2012.07.25 at 11:05
somewhere in Berlin, this sticker popped-up, july 28th 2012 :

art is overrated - biomechanics inc. july 28th, Berlin, eberswalder strasse

somewhere in Belgium,july 2012, this sticker popped-up :

'art is overrated' summer 2012
the 'pig' is not a BIOMECHANICS INC., the other is, just the 2012 logo. nothing extraordinary, just the logo.

BIOMECHANICS INC. fast drawings on a small trip

Posted on 2012.07.25 at 11:02

'fast drawings on a small trip'

two small fast drawings during a trip to barcelona.
this one's done on the planeticket :

BIOMECHANICS INC. drawing on airticket

this one's done on a used metroticket :

BIOMECHANICSINC. drawing on metroticket barcelona

"bagged truths"

an A4 cardboard piece full of stories - like some nightmare / dream.
CLICK on it for full size with all the details.

BIOMECHANICSINC. 2012 1/1 original.

bagged truths

experiment tenebrio molitor / BIOMECHANICSINC.

AT STUDNA ART EXPO, february 19, 2011 - ojc kompas, sint-niklaas.

closed video-circuit and registration of some dozens of
'tenebrio molitor' painting with pigments and water
on paper - video stills & video.

6 finished miniature paintings - dozens of still images - minutes of footage.
action took place between 4 PM and 6 PM. insects were released afterwards.


Posted on 2011.02.16 at 22:40

 'Das Flandern'

Stickers to a stairway wall, STUDNA expo, february 2011.
Big brother watching you, the self-declared new Messiah, the-man-with-the-plan.
Right under the emergency-exit sign.
Time to run away,fast.

1/1 temporary stickers.

BIOMECHANICSINC. 'sint-niklaas'

Posted on 2011.02.16 at 22:36

Sint-Niklaas - het dorp dat stad wil zijn ontmaskert zichzelf 's nachts.

30 temporary stickers to a wall in a stairs/hallway entrance to the
STUDNA exhibition, february 2011, sint-niklaas.

location : ojc kompas, driekoningenstraat 48, 9100 sint-niklaas

BIOMECHANICSINC. video installation

Posted on 2011.02.16 at 21:51

'forgive me for my sins'

video installation in a claustrophobic room at STUDNA expo,
ojc kompas, sint-niklaas, expo from wednesday 16th of february to
wednesday 23rd of february 2011.

still & 1/1 DVD package.

inside view / projection & package.

outside view / entrance / door.

Day after day we are bombed by rated 'R' images in big productions.
We took it out of the context, layered and adapted the images,
deconstructed and changed them, and accompanied it with a
hypnotic, dirty soundloop.

This work consists of (from 16/02 to 23/02) :

1 physical DVD, 1 physical CD jewelcase & print / package
temporary stickers on the door of the room.

After 23/02 it will be kept as a 1/1 DVD only.

the indoctrination of the masses

Posted on 2010.12.19 at 14:19

 "the indoctrination of the masses is done with lies and disinformation" (object)

size : 21,5 cm X 14 cm, 3 cm thickness. mixed media including : 5 real insects, foam material, plastic tape, inkjet prints on transparants, bag of gingerpowder, used candy paper, markers & car paint. done in 2010.

frontal view

close up on the 5 insects, sealed inside.

frontal upper section.

back view, gingerpowder bag, markers, 'antikunst' stamp.

side with russian classic candypaper and barcode.

bottom section - markers.

dark cities - just some idea

Posted on 2010.12.19 at 14:07

 "dark cities" - pencil on A4 paper.

size 29 cm X 20,5 cm - made in 2009 - based on 'duistere steden'.

happiness is your broken jeans

Posted on 2010.12.19 at 14:03

 "happiness is your broken jeans" (drawing black pen on paper)

size : 10 cm X 7,5 cm - made in... 2008 or 2009...

killer - drawing

Posted on 2010.12.19 at 13:54

 "killer" - black ink on paper - in artist book

size drawing : 13 cm X 9 cm

made late 2007 or early 2008.

he was watching us

Posted on 2010.12.17 at 17:53

 "he was watching us" (waterpaint on paper)

size : 24 cm X 20 cm - 2010

the secret maps of the city ov death

Posted on 2010.12.17 at 17:51

 "the secret maps of the city ov death" (canvas-board, markers)

size 30 cm X 24 cm - made in summer 2010.


Posted on 2010.12.17 at 17:49

 "oorlogslogica" (paint on trainticket)

done in anger - 20 cm X 8,5 cm - 08.08.2010


matchbox story

Posted on 2010.12.17 at 17:38

 "matchbox story" - chinese black ink on russian empty matchbox.

"to begin the story we have to go back to the time when the cold war was in full effect. The communists were sending their top spy nikita karamov to new york city as george malcolm smith." - "one day, these towers might fall down on the earth. I just know it."

size drawing : 5 cm X 3,5 cm

3 drawings on handmade paper / patterns

Posted on 2010.12.17 at 17:27

 "patterns" (3 drawings, black ink on handmade heavy paper)

made inbetween 2008-2010. each drawing 28 cm X 17 cm.


united states postal service - PRIORITY MAIL

Posted on 2010.12.17 at 17:23

 "a dark vision on a PRIORITY MAILING"

Joe and his fellow farmer gnomes on a walk through the garden of the gods, avoiding tumbleweed, tornados and zombieflesh-eating giant mutated killercrops on a regular day in september 1984.

made in 2010 - black ballpointpen on enveloppe. (31,5 cm X 24 cm)

wrapped in plastic

Posted on 2010.12.17 at 17:19
 "wrapped in plastic" - drawing (large)
an undefinable drawing wrapped in closed plastic - made in 2010.

size : 14 cm X 8,5 cm 



 60 photo's shot in the morning of 26th september 2010, during a car ride from lyublino to sheremetyevo airport, Moscow.

"you never catch enough sleep between lyublino and sheremetyevo airport" 1/1 original.

framed / size :  43cm  X  53cm

scratched and adapted laserprints mounted together on 150gr paper.


solaris prototype comic : spacemen in stress

Posted on 2010.12.17 at 14:14

"Solaris cartoon" (prototype, first ever)

made december 2010 - by biomechanics inc. inspired by 'solaris' - stanislav lem, andrei tarkovsky.

size 10 cm X 11 cm

kunstscheisse TM

Posted on 2010.03.10 at 19:33

 "kunstscheisse TM"


ORIGINAL : black marker on canvas 40 X 50 - "art is overrated" - "kunstscheisse TM" march 2010

DUPLICATES : a number of street stickers including black on white, green on white, blue on white, red on white, yellow on white, ... in various sizes.

LOCATIONS : unknown.

Original (in private collection since july 2012) : 

example of a duplicate, street sticker :

after a few weeks of exposure on a traffic sign, somewhere.

 during the STUDNA exhibition, february 2011, sint-niklaas.

"Different Shades of Black in the Big City"

Posted on 2010.03.07 at 20:13

"Different Shades of Black in the Big City" by BIOMECHANICS INC.

a series of drawings based on the 'urban' theme.


part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

all 5 parts are pages in an artist book project.

mail art project : book about death (dec. 2009)

Posted on 2010.03.07 at 19:53

Death-card "Das Spiel Ist Aus" by BIOMECHANICS INC.

 front : "Das Spiel Ist Aus" death card 323

back : 11th of december 2009 original 1/1

mail art card never sent - initially for the Brazilian art exhibition 'Book of Death' - but kept for ourselves. 


action collage by BIOMECHANICS INC. and IRKA G.

Posted on 2009.03.04 at 14:44

action collage by BIOMECHANICS INC. and IRKA G.

techniques and materials :
very thick cardboard plate size approx. 70 X 50 cm. lost and found materials stuck onto plate, glass, plastic, paper, metal, candlewax, oil, wood, cotton,... stuck onto it, painted onto it, burnt onto it. first part made 24th of january 2009, has to be finished in a second session.



Posted on 2009.03.04 at 14:27
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the red square (biomechanics inc. and maximillian s.)
drawing on paper

various techniques.
28 X 35,6 cm 300gr/m² paper,
markers and crayons used. 17th of february 2009.


sticker am alexanderplatz
pic by real bad - sticker by BIOMECHANICS INC. july 2008.

different street art
most street art stickers have the same kinda iconographic images and styles.
size and material : 6cm X 9cm laminated sticker foil on laserprint.

attached to a trashcan 27th of july 2008, berlin, alexanderplatz, germany.




the blingcore sampler (for hypnoskull)

adaption of hypnoskull's ROLAND live sampler. 
approximately 400 stones attached one-by-one to the
sampler in january 2007, in the shape of a gun.

sampler size : 22 cm X 15 cm
image size : 21,5 cm X 12 cm

stones / glue / custom made stickers.

pictures :

start of the work.

image finished.

the blingcore sampler backstage at
lawijtstrijd 2007.

finished view.

'msk-brx' frame by BIOMECHANICS INC.

Posted on 2008.04.23 at 22:20
'msk-brx' photo's and frame by

'msk-brx' : 4 pictures made with an ultra lo-fi digital 
camera in moscow, russia, and brussels, belgium ,
february 2008 and march 2008.
blown up to big size.

'view' / 'deep' / 'tobacco' / 'skydeck'
colour printed.

one picture size : 
37,8 cm X 22,6 cm
frame size :
48 cm X 120 cm


light object study by BIOMECHANICS INC.

Posted on 2008.04.23 at 22:04
study for a light object for the 
drawings in proces.

idea is to create a dark frame including 
2 soft neonlights that lighten 
the 4 thick paperdrawings.
prototype has to be made.


wooden 'death is certain' puzzle by

44 piece counting wooden puzzle 
'death is certain'.

44 tiles all together measuring :
18,6 cm X 20,5 cm.
thickness : 1 cm.

1 tile measuring :
1,6 cm X 5,2 cm.
thickness : 1 cm.
made 22 and 23 april 2008.

drawing done with 
RED : SANFORD'S king size retromarker.
BLACK : PILOT V Ball 0,5
SILVER : SAKURA pen touch silver medium point 2,0mm
YELLOW : ARTLINE 440XF paint marker 1,2mm

pictures during creation :


stickertrash by BIOMECHANICS INC.

Posted on 2008.04.19 at 15:51
sticker trash by

'hardcore aliens from planet escape' -
sticker for escape 3 organisation.
designed and done by BIOMECHANICS INC.
done in 2002.
high glossy material / printed.
size : 3cm X 6cm

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